Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to continuous improvement and the sustainable development of all our activities has led us to implement an integrated management system in which we establish quality management, information security, environmental management and occupational health and safety as strategic and fundamental elements in the fulfillment of our objectives.

Likewise, we continuously value and optimize all processes in order to achieve a better performance of the organization, in addition to offering all our stakeholders an added value, which increases our competitiveness in the different sectors in which we work. 

Insyte Instalaciones is a renowned company of national level leadership with international projection boasting 30 years of experience. The company bases its activities in manufacturing, facility setup and maintenance of electrical and telecommunication systems and maintenance of infrastructures derived from civil building.


Insyte Instalaciones have a large team of professionals in several areas of design, manufacturing, facility sites and maintenance, all of which have the highest degree, experience, dedication and adaptability to constant market evolution with the goal to satisfy customer requirements maintaining constant fluid contact. We also keep up with standards regarding implemented management always bearing in mind both party´s requirements involved in the management system (which are employees, suppliers, social environment, public administration, etc.) all of which adapting to law and caring for environmental conditions, assuring safe and healthy working stations thus guaranteeing integration, confidentiality and availability of information managed by Insyte Instalaciones being digital security of information an integral part of our business processes.


To comply with these obligations, Insyte Instalaciones have implemented an integrated system of management quality within security of information, environment, safety and health at work and the continuance of business according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 27001:2017, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and UNE-EN ISO 22301:2020, in this order and which obligations are the following:


Establishment of quality management, secure information, environmental management, safety and health at work and the continuance of the business as a strategic element for the operations of the organization as well as an competitive advantage over other competitors with the objective to be a referent in the area of business.


The task is to optimize and improve our procedures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness interacting with our customers from the very first moment, openly, proactively and deep thus allowing us to and offer strategic answers and solutions to any business opportunity in defined time and way thus enhancing competitiveness at Insyte Instalaciones. Constant development within the management integrated system to increase our performance as an organization.


The establishing of objectives in information, quality, environmental care, safety and healthcare and continuity of the business is a goal. It is important to establish the correct environment to achieve all the mentioned issues.


Our objective is to comply with all legal requirements applicable as well as all agreed business compliances including those agreed upon with our customers.


Promotion in the increase of customer satisfaction regarding products and services offered.


Objectives are to protect our environment and avoid pollution making use of sustainable natural resources thus reducing gas emissions causing the greenhouse effect as well as controlling other pollutant substances that accelerate climate change


We consider Information Security as an integral part of the business process as well as reducing the impact of identified risks through the analyses of relative risks affecting information security. Through these, we can implement the necessary controls to reduce all mentioned risks.


We wish to increment our organization capacity to continue developing the required activities by all parties in case any issue that may affect and condition normal development of such activities.


We work to eliminate hazards as well as reducing risks in the safety and health of our employees by offering safe and healthy working conditions thus avoiding injuries and health deterioration issues.


We wish to entice feedback as well as promoting participation by our employees ( and if present, by their representatives ) in the safety and healthy environment system.


We wish to implement a good working environment promoting the culture of quality, information security, environmental care and safety and healthcare at work.


We wish to assign any resources of any type, compatible within the company´s reach which are required to define all systematic activities within the established processes.


Identify and bring to practice measurable methods that will allow the analyses of process results to control the constant improvement to objectively know their effect.


We wish to promote communication the management integrated system both in-house and external. These commitments with safety and healthcare, environmental issues, information security and quality are compliance for all employees.

This policy is communicated at all levels in Insyte Instalaciones and is at the disposal of all parties within our management system.


Humanes de Madrid, 1 de abril 2021

Ramón Rufián Milla (President)

Insyte Instalaciones S.A. have the commitment to environmental improvement and sustainable development implemented by an environmental management system following the rules by UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015

Implementation of this system has contributed to the annual improvement in environmental care within the company.

As follows, we offer the data collected from our efforts in this field by Insyte Instalaciones S.A. for the years running from 2019 to 2021:


  • Electric energy used: We have reduced our consumption in 40% over the latest 3 year period.

  • Fuel consumption (by vehicles): Use of fuel has decreased 1.3% over the last 3 year period


  • Hazardous waste: We have reduced our hazardous waste by 19% compared to the year 2020.




Insyte Instalaciones S.A., in its care in avoidance of damage and or deterioration of the health of its employees and the offering of safe and healthy work sites has a management system based on the ISO 45001 Rules.

Likewise, we are fully committed to continuous improvement to strengthen our strategy of safety, healthcare and wellbeing in the organization.

Results of our management system can be observed in the improvement of casualties, which have dropped during last year and are situated under the issues considered normal in our area of reference.





At Insyte Instalaciones we firmly believe and are committed to offer equal opportunities in matters of human gender. We have integrated this policy regarding the values that represent us which are followed by all our employees reaching a total implication by all and in accordance with the wellbeing and allgender development in society. We assure the potential in value shown by all the people in our organization resulting in our great family.

Within the guidelines of our equality policy, we have established the following lines of actuation and commitment:

  • Equal opportunity plan.

  • Culture and communication.

  • We have taken to support female workers who have suffered any type of violence due to gender.

  • We have implemented a policy in prevention plans with sanctions in cases of bullying and or discrimination.

  • We have implemented a protocol to prevent work and sexual bullying.

  • We have implemented a conciliation policy in work and personal life.

We continuously revise and update all protocols in plan of equality which establishes the following aspects which will be followed over a period of time and revised afterwards.

Our last update established the following guidelines to be followed:

  • Guideline 1: Transversability and organization measures.

  • Guideline 2: Access to work offers.

  • Guideline 3: Pay

  • Guideline 4: Training, information and awareness

  • Guideline 5: Work Schedule, conciliation and reciprocity.

  • Guideline 6: Workplace healthcare, prevention in bullying and gender violence.

  • Guideline 7: Communication and gender separated language inclusion.

On the other hand, at Insyte Instalaciones, we follow the LGD guidelines (general law for the handicapped) we offer opportunities to all handicapped people giving them the possibility to access new opportunities to integrate them into the working population.


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