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We have our own line in manufacturing, design and assembly where we principally manufacture items focusing in the sector of telecommunication and electricity. Our team boasts high knowledge and quality

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  • We design and manufacture direct and alternating current energy systems for the telecoms, industrial and shipping sectors:
    • Rectifiers
    • Converters 
    • Inverters
    • Rectiverter (Rectifier and inverter in the same module).
    • Distribution frames/units
    • Hybrid systems (Solar and wind)
  • Indoor and outdoor systems with all climate control options and dimensions.
  • Approved solutions with the leading national operators and industrial sector clients.
  • Low-voltage electrical boards.
  • Telecommunications base station containers.

Management system

We use a complete management system comprising Quality, Environmental care, and, Safety and Healthcare at work applicable by the rules ISO9001, ISO14001 e ISO45001, designed for activities regarding design, production and integration of containers for telecommunications as well as for the design, manufacturing and assembly with connections to electrical main boxes and energy systems.



In-company resources, Internal skills development, Health and safety, Results focus, Motivation


Dedicated senior management, Spirit and service vocation, Corporate Social responsibility, Ethical principles


Quality, Environment, Information security management, Business intelligence, Occupational Health and Safety, Business management ERP, Project management PMP


Digitized operations, Personnel administration, Web Service, Project intelligence, Monitoring and Big data, A2A B2B integration